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Infotainment Software Engineer - Cloud Big Data Technologies

Date Posted: Dec 29, 2023
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Job Detail

Job Description

  • Job ID:


  • Posted Date:


  • Specialized Area:

    Infotainment Software Engineer

  • Job Title:

    Infotainment Software Engineer

  • Location:


  • Duration:

    12 Months

  • Domain Exposure:

    Manufacturing, Utilities/ Energy, IT/Software

  • Work Authorization:

    US Citizen, Green Card, OPT-EAD, CPT, H-1B,
    H4-EAD, L2-EAD, GC-EAD

  • Client:

    To Be Discussed Later

  • Employment Type:

    W-2 (Consultant must be on our company payroll. C2C is not allowed)

  • Bench Recruiter:


Responsibilities : 

• Develop code in multiple languages like C/ C++, Java and Kotlin.

• Develop scripts using Automotive Controller Area Networks and Work on CAN Communication protocol between the ECU's.

• Work with quality lead, project management and engineering teams to identify and resolve issues.

• Create and update test plan, ensure test cases across multiple platforms and builds.

• Implement and test software designs on a PC environment and as well as embedded target hardware.

• Report and log issues into bug tracking system, include track files and necessary steps to recreate.

• Develop and execute scripts and cases across multiple platforms and builds.

• Understand software requirements and software architecture and perform In Vehicle.

• Requirement analysis, review discussions and software development planning.

• Gain experience with automotive software development, including agile development processes, continuous integration environments.

• Develop software for application software components for vehicle features for instrument clusters.

• Work on APl's related to RTE and Application at the software level.

• Work on instrument cluster features including gauges, odometer and SDM.

• Involve in planning with management, Team leads and Release Engineers to communicate scope of development and delivery timelines.

• Utilize SCM tools GIT, JIRA, RTC and tools used for embedded development.

• Perform Integration, build, and release of firmware images for General Motors platform.

• After release of the product, continue to support the product through a warranty period, and be engaged in defect triage, bugfixes, and hotfixes for critical issues.

• Create Test Suites from requirements document and create tasks and tracking their progress.

• Connect different circuit/hardware setups, to test new software coded builds for any defects or issues.

• Flash the software onto hardware for testing purposes and validate the observed results with the expected results.

• Monitor the CAN messages during the testing procedure and collecting QNX/Android logs while testing and reviewing them for any crashes.

• Communicate with the developers to validate the software coded builds and create a test report for further analysis, linked to the logs.

• Expand existing software to meet the changing needs of key demographics.

• Develop a new software product from the ground up, staying true to the company's core values and needs while lending own creativity to the mix.

• Focus on creating fault-tolerant programming and create scalable, automated solutions for the customer base.

Requirements : 

  • Education : Bachelor's
  • Experience : 2-6 Year's

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Company Overview

Cloud Big Data comprises of experts having firm ground in the precincts of technology and industrial innovation. Our team consists of technocrats having hands-on-experience in enterprise application market from 1984. Our expertise includes manufactur... Read More

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